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EVS T5 Dual Sport Venture Helmet EVS T5 Dual Sport Venture Helmet Astro Joe - South Jersey Great looks light weight excellent value "I purchased this a month ago styling is great weight and view is amazing ride tight woods mostly trails excellent helmet Great value when riding slow keep the shield open a whisker so it doesn’t fog so much better than having sweaty goggles pressed up against your face"
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Bell MX-9 Adventure Helmet With MIPS - Solid Bell MX-9 Adventure Helmet With MIPS - Solid Bestriderever MIPS ! "Great helmet, maybe could use a little more ventilation, Good price for MIPS helmet"
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Dual Sport Riding

Is it a dirt bike or street bike? In many respects it's both. A Dual Sport bike looks much like a dirt bike but is designed to ride the streets legally while powering through off-road. A true Dual Sport bike incorporates parts like a headlight, turn signal, mirrors, horn and a license plate - everything required to ride public roads. But everything else is pure dirt to tackle all the great outdoors has to offer.

Dual Sport riding is rapidly growing thanks to the versatile nature of the bikes and the wide range of riding opportunities. You can leave from home and ride to your off-road destination of choice unlike a dirt bike which requires transport via truck or trailer. And once you get off-road you won't see a sportbike in sight. A Dual Sport bike is heavier than a traditional dirt bike and like a cruiser provides enough room to carry along bags and other accessories for overnight camping and long term trips.

If you're looking for the ride of a lifetime you'd be hard-pressed to find a much better venture than an outing on a Dual Sport motorcycle. Take a day trip, an overnighter or if you really like what the outdoors has to offer make it a week. You can do all this and more on a Dual Sport bike.

MotoSport carries everything you need to turn your Dual Sport bike into a living room on wheels. Grab some saddlebags or luggage to stow away everything you need for camping, install the appropriate DOT-approved tires that translate well from pavement to dirt and then get yourself some riding gear like a helmet, jacket and boots, that protects you from the elements while offering an all-purpose functional fit whether you spend time cruising the highways or ripping along backcountry trials.