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Elbow Guards & Wrist Protection

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Leatt 3DF Elbow Guards 5.0 Leatt 3DF Elbow Guards 5.0 Michele V Elbow Guards "Nice fit and does its job of providing the right amount of protection."
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Troy Lee Designs Shock Doctor EG5550 Elbow Guards Troy Lee Designs Shock Doctor EG5550 Elbow Guards Dave - Minnesota More comfortable than guards with elastic straps "I bought these for my son, who says he likes the fit and comfort much more than guards with elastic straps. They stay in place well when worn over a base layer like a micro-fleece heater shirt. This is fine in colder weather, but they tend to slide up or down when worn against the skin in warmer weather. A possible fix might be to wear an elbow sleeve ... similar to what basketball players sometimes wear ... underneath the guards, which would eliminate the added warmth of a base layer, but still help prevent the guards from slipping. As for protection, my son has had a few get-offs while wearing these, and so far they seem to have helped. In one instance, he stuffed the front tire of his bike in a corner, up-ending the bike, which then came down on top of him. As a result, the footpeg of the bike landed on his arm, leaving him with a pretty sore elbow. Looking over his equipment afterward, I'm fairly certain these guards prevented a more serious elbow injury, like being badly cut by the pegs."
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