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Dirt Bike Ramps

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Fly Racing Curved Ramp Fly Racing Curved Ramp StLBlues Quality, Exactly What We Were Looking For "We've had for a few months now and it works great. We use this ramp to load my son's dirtbike into his full size Nissan Titan pick-up truck. His truck is a full 4dr so the bed is slightly shorter at 6', outside measure, and closer to 5 and a half feet inside measure. I just measured it to be sure. I say this because the ramp doesn't fit within the truck while the tailgate is up, however for us, we knew that going in and it's perfectly fine. His dirtbike rides with the tailgate down as is and we simply strap the ramp in with the dirtbike. I personally did not want a folding a ramp. Folding ramps tend to be weaker at the hinge and create a pinch point for fingers. It's nice to just grab this lightweight, high quality ramp and go. We're very happy with this purchase."
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Moose Straight Folding Ramp Moose Straight Folding Ramp looshy SICK RAMP "get this cheapo ramp it is the bee's knees"
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